Tema yang mendominasi aliran seni rupa postmodern ialah

tema yang mendominasi aliran seni rupa postmodern ialah

Jawaban yang benar adalah kritik sosial.

Seni rupa postmodern adalah gaya seni rupa yang merupakan perpaduan antara penyederhanaan bentuk dan sedikit ornamental, yang lebih bebas tanpa terikat dengan aturan tertentu. Kritik sosial dan kemasyarakatan adalah tema yang dominan untuk aliran seni rupa postmodern.

Dengan demikian, tema yang mendominasi aliran seni rupa postmodern ialah kritik sosial.

Lagi Viral :  Read the following text and say if the statement is TRUE (betul) or FALSE (salah). My school lies on a busy street, across a traditional market. But we do not hear the noise from it because there is a large yard between the main gate and the classrooms. We hold the flag ceremony in this front yard every Monday morning and on special days. We also exercise here during P.E. lesson. After entering the hallway, there is another yard in the middle of the school. On the right and left side of the yard, there is a two-floor buliding. The second floor buildings are for students of grade seven and eight. The ninth graders use the classrooms on the first floor. My classroom is the first one, near the stairs. My school has a music room with a set of gamelan instruments inside. I and some friends practice playing the gamelan music once a week with my music teacher. The second yard is between the two floor- buildings. (True/False)